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This page serves as a chronicle of works created by Nuntius thus far on the Web! For some time the web has been my hobbie. However, eventually I began developing websites professionally. When I first started this page, I was just a novice. However, I went on to increase my skills both in the areas of graphic design and grew beyond standard html. While some of the sites here are due for updates, the professional sites are mostly sound. I will be sure to keep up on the links as they personal sites are updated. Explore and enjoy!

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Professional Sites

Jaguar Software Development - Check Imaging JAGUARSOFTWARE.COM

Jaguar Software is my employer, and I do some web development on the side from time to time. I was recently appointed the web administrator for jaguarsoftware.com. Jaguar Software is a designer of item processing software (check imaging software). In addition to providing software for item processing systems (check imaging systems) we also are a distributor for various transports including NCR, Canon, Unisys, and Panini. The systems we provide range from desktop item processing and branch capture systems to larger data center processing systems.

July 19, 2004 - We rolled out our new web design which incorporated the design features of the old, which I visually duplicated and then tweaked a bit. (The original design of the site was done by another developer.) Keeping virtually the same look and feel, I overhauled the code with a newer more compliant dhtml base and a little php here and there.


To further bolster our presence on the web, Jaguar Software
has just purchased the following domains...


http://www. item processing software .com (item processing software.)


http://www. check imaging software .com (check imaging software.)


http://www. branch capture system .com (branch capture systems.)

Here are several features that I am very proud of in this design.

  1. Online Glossary Our glossary is an item processsing glossary (check imaging glossary), which allows our customers to search for item processing (check imaging) terms at our website, making our website more of a resource than merely a display page. I built this using a client side script that I wrote which parsed a comma delimited text file into a web glossary. Pretty slick huh? This feature is available also in a full page format here. I am playing with the idea of having this page parse the text file dynamically but am concerned about the search engine effect.

  2. Item Processing (Check) Imaging Resource Page.- Nothing much to this page but it provides a great resource to our customers. I guess I like it due to the collection of items available.
  3. Distrubutors Page. I get a lot of compliments on this one. When I took over the site and finally sorted out the spagetti code, this page was using some sort of dynamic engine to generate popup include windows. I thought this was kinda lame considering that the page was attempting to use php. Moreover, I hate window popups. They are just bad form anymore when you can use dynamic layers. So with that presupposition, I rebuilt the page with simple php includes and dynamic div layers.
  4. Dynamic Brochures ( Layered Brochure) - This is a cool script I wrote does some pretty cool stuff. First the user can drag the pages around. (The drag function is not mine, I am working on my own crossbrowser vesion.) Secondly, when the user selects another page the new selection is brought to the top! Magic! I had a brochure with more pages but my boss thougth it was a little hard to manipulate. Fortunately, I was able to at least keep this one. I have some other cool plans for this idea in the future.
See the following link for free check imaging resources.
Check Imaging Resources
See us also for Merchant Capture Resources. Merchant Capture Check Imaging Resource http://www.jaguarsoftware.com/pdf/MirrorImageMerchantCapture.pdf
Cost Effective Hardware, Software, and Turnkey Solutions for the Community Banking Marketplace.

C-SOFT IMAGING .COM - "Cost Effective Hardware, Software, and Turnkey Solutions for the Community Banking Marketplace."

This is a site I did for our sister company, C-Soft International. I used a css template layout that I have been developing. The original page was done in Frontpage (Backpage). As with nearly all Frontpage sites I have seen, it had a ton of useless junk code and was non-search compliant. (You know kind stuff that makes a Spider loose his lunch.) Fortunately, I was given the honor of shredding the site. I was given an open slate, so I wanted something with a traditional look to it, yet a bit of an international feel... if that makes any sence at all. Anyway, I think the graphics came out nicely. The css driven style tends to give it the feel I was looking for.

Providing Check 21 Information and Resources to the Banking Industry.

CHECK 21 NEWS .COM - This site is an informative, Check 21 Resource page. "Providing Check 21 Information and Resources to the Banking Industry." On this site I did a 3 Wide Template design that I created for this site. I am very proud of the simple rollover menus and the professional look. Also, I did a cool dhtml marquee that worked very well.

Check 21 News.com Site and Mirror Link
Providing Check 21 Information and Resources to the Banking Industry.

CHECK 21 NEWS .ORG - This site is also an informative, Check 21 Resource page with the same content as above except for the .org designation. "An Organization providing Check 21 Information and Resources to the Banking Industry." On this site I did a 3 Wide Template design that I created for this site. I am very proud of the simple rollover menus and the professional look. Also, I did a cool dhtml marquee that worked very well.

Check 21 News.org Site and Mirror Link

This is my web business site, the design is a little on the experimental side, but it does what I need it to do, and that is to provide a place to showcase my designs and provide feedback for my freelance and professional development.

This particular design is intended to utilize dhtml techniques to produce a "thematic" design structure. As for this particular concept, it is meant to portray a high-tech, "man meets machine" vibe. You will notice the main logo, which is somewhat cybornetic and somewhat holographic. This logo is actually a self portrait of the author. While seeking to show beauty, there is also a sense of macabre. (The author is a fan of classic horror/Science Fiction films like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Metropolis".) Note that this site is entirely hand coded, no development environments were used.


Professional Handmade Halloween Props that will be sure to scare the candy right out of your little visitors!

Check out my personal Halloween store! It is currently under development, but you can have a look around!

Just when you thought Halloween was dead for this year, we're bringing in back from from the grave! Professional handmade Halloween props that will be sure to scare the candy right out of your little visitors.

mustang resto parts .com, Elanor Kits, Gone in 60 Seconds
mustang resto parts .com, Elanor Kits, Gone in 60 Seconds

This site is still under currently under construction, pending further OS Commerce configuration. Mustangrestoparts.com is a mustang retoration parts dealer. One of it's prominent products is an Eleanor Kit, which allows the mustang enthusiast to turn their Mustang into Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds! As part of my work on this project with another company called "Custom Software", I was to create a design theme that would carry over throughout their site, borchures, etc. So what I came up with was a still and animated logo (above), with a theme of "restoration" and I designed an Eleanor Dash with honking horn, and ignition motor sound, plus "Mustang Sally" will playing on the radio when clicked! Click Here!

See the Eleanor Dash!



This is my new Flea Market and Auction Site which is currently under development... but you should find a few item listings on it now. Check back for bigger better auctions as the site grows!







Personal Sites

Please excuse some of these older sites. I am in the process of renovating most of them.

Visit Nuntius TechDWG!

Who is Nuntius?
Visit my Home Site!

Now Sporting a brand new design!

This is my PDA site. It is currently being updated.

Reformed Links and Banner Exchange

This is a site I am developing to
encourage the traffic of Protestant
Reformed websites.
Reformed Links and Banner Exchange

Visit the Nuntius Museum of Thought and History! Nuntius Museum of Thought and History

(This site is nearly finished... take a look around and check back later!)


Recently, I was made the web administrator for http://redeemer-pca.org. My family and I have been members here for several years and really enjoy the solid Biblical teaching and discipleship. I will be administering this site on a volunteer basis.

Harvey Albert Taylor - My Grandfather served about the LST 1110 in WW2, this site is dedicated to him.


Remembering the 1110 - In Memory of Harvey Albert Taylor

This site is a memorial I developed in memory of my grand-dad Harvey Albert Taylor. I am currently expanding the site to help aid the efforts of the LST Memorial and honor the rest of the 1110 crew.

Frank Guinn - My grandfather was a Merrill's Marauder in WW2, this site is deditacted to him.


Remembering the Marauders - In Memory of Frank Guinn

This site is a memorial I developed in memory of my other grand-dad, Frank Guinn. I made this site after I was able to confirm that he was a member of the Merrill's Marauders. It will be expanded in the future to aid the Merrill's Marauders Association


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